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Tablesaw alignment puzzle

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I have a problem with alignment on my tablesaw crosscut sled. When I cut on the right hand side of the blade, I get a satisfactorily square cut. When I line up to make the cut on the left side of the blade it is not square. I've checked everything I can think of for square. The fence is straight. The blade is parallel to the miter guage slots. The fence is 90degrees to the blade.
Any suggestions?
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what kind of saw and what type of fence are we talking about?

If the blade is square with both miter slots, my thought is the trouble is with the fence. See if both sides of the fence line up perfectly with the edges of the miter slots over their entire length. If your fence has faces on it like a t square fence, you may have to shim on end or the other to get it lined up perfectly.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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