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Tablesaw alignment puzzle

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I have a problem with alignment on my tablesaw crosscut sled. When I cut on the right hand side of the blade, I get a satisfactorily square cut. When I line up to make the cut on the left side of the blade it is not square. I've checked everything I can think of for square. The fence is straight. The blade is parallel to the miter guage slots. The fence is 90degrees to the blade.
Any suggestions?
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Maybe it's a sort of "torque" issue...? Do you push from the left of the sled when wood is on left, from right when wood is on right...? (for example)

if the table top is not connected to motor/blade mounting, is it possible the top is a bit loose...?

Is there one way side-side motion of the blade...? (for example, shaft bearing, shaft mount, etc...)

Is it possible the sled guides are a bit off when pushing from one side vs the other...?

Are blade teeth equally sharp on both sets of teeth...? Any burning...? if so, on one side only...?

Might the slide lift on one side possibly making more clearance when pushing from one side vs other...? How big is the piece of wood...?

...just thoughts of where I might look...

Love these puzzles...Nick :)
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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