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Wood Rectangle Beige Hardwood Linens

Often in the Furniture Design courses I taught the case goods and shelving designs the students came up with used French dovetails to connect critical parts. While easy to make a straight dovetail slot, and only a little harder to make a good fitting dovetailed edge to slide into the slot, the challenge was getting a good snug fit and assembling it. Too loose and the connection is loose all along the joint. On wide panels a snug fitting connection would still require a bar clamp or raps with a mallet to close the joint. Before we had CNCs I came up with an easy way to add a slight taper to both the slot and the dovetailed edge to allow easy assembly with a snug final fit. With CNCs that I adapted to clamp boards vertically I started using the CNCs to cut both side of the tapered sliding French dovetail. I've written it all up with examples and info on how to create toolpaths for both sides. HERE.

Tapering French dovetails saved some misery and dread from students who used sliding dovetails in their design. It also allowed the instructors to gleefully encourage using sliding dovetails to connect critical parts in their designs. Simple dados and glue would have been the previous recommendation although for secure joints a few screws might be added to make sure the joint wouldn't pull apart.
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