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Technical help requested

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For over 20 years I've used MasterCam software for my CNC router needs. It provided all the cutting requirements that I needed.
I recently downloaded the trial version of VCarve Pro. Some of my customers have been requesting 2.5D - 3D cutting. The software
is beyond anything I'm familiar with. I've tried to work with it without success. It has been difficult jumping back and forth between the help screen and work screen. There is so much offered in the software I don't want to miss anything.

My request is to find someone or work group in the south New Jersey area that knows this program and would be willing to help me learn the proper use of it. I'm willing to travel outside my area within 150 to 200 miles if that would be the only recourse.

Thanks in advance for any help that members on this forum may be able to provide.
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Vectric does have several tutorial videos for their software on their website. When I started out using it those videos were all I needed to get going and productive:

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+1 what 4d said.

Hit those tutorials!!!
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Willow, ALaska ... stop by anytime.. I did set up two screens when I was in fast and furious learning mode, one running the tutorials and one with the program running on .. That help a great deal...
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Jim call the local woodworking stores and ask them if there is a local CNC user group or someone that does Vectric software training. Our group meets once a month at one of the local Rockler stores and we always have demos of VCarve pro software. Sorry but I am in Texas so that might be a little far to travel

I also agree on the tutorials. Watch them using the Category feature so you learn the basics as you go through them. If you try to use the Project feature you won't know what they are doing half the time because you don't know the basics.
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I can honestly say you will have to store most of what you know in Mastercam back in the recesses of your mind. The majority of what I call the "Art based cad/cam packages" on the market today are geared for the non-cam programmer. The verbage is very different and the high level of control you have in MC does not exist in these products.

That being said, these packqges work good, and I feel they are easier to learn from a non-cam programmers standpoint. The target market of these packages do not have much, if any background in cad/cam so they approach learning it with a more open mind.

I don't want you to feel these systems are lesser than MC, or similar products, they are just more organic. I have seen some of the most amazing geometry ever come out of these systems with just a few keystrokes. Lot's of powerful stuff going on under the hood.

The best advice has already been given the tutorials.

The second best path is Google. Just type in exactly what is on your mind as a question, and you will find an answer. A lot of times for me the first few results help point me towards the correct verbage to be asking about....which leads to better search results.

Third piece of advice is take breaks. When you get frustrated just take a break. Long breaks required sometimes. When you dig back in it with make better sense.

Much luck my friend. It's worth the time and money investment.


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The Vectric forum has a map that shows users near by. You might be able to find someone close.
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Thanks guys, I will follow up on your suggestions.
There happens to be a Woodcraft store in Delaware about 90 miles from me. I believe they have an association with Rockler.
I will also check in the Vectric forum to see about the member list in my region.

I do get impatient when I don't learn at a rapid pace. I will take the suggestion of a break so I don't sabotage myself.

Again, thanks. I'll post at a later date of my progress.
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