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Hi everyone, been using my Tekcel V Series CNC router for 6-7 years now, no problems and pretty good operating it. But since yesterday while cutting 6mm MDF a message came up on the control saying 'saving cache' or something similar and I had to restart, no problem. Then on the next job, was cutting fine then suddenly and the head drops on its own still running and didn't stop even after hitting the bed (also making a right mess!)

Had to hit the emergency stop to stop it as none of the controls worked, so restart the machine made a new program for the job, and restarted... which worked fine for about 2-3 mins until the head just darts off in a random direction cutting the top of the sheet in the process

Have restarted and it was fine once more, finished the job, but on the next sheet same again, either dropping or just moving to a random point on the bed until it hits the limit (then just stays there running until I have to hit the emergency stop again) now cant get it to machining anything without it doing one of these at random and different points each time

any idea on this would be greatly received!

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