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template making wood

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i beleive the wood that we use for making templates is called mdf or hard board right?

either way, i am making a shot glass shelf and i am using 1/8" thick mdf(?) and i am looking at one that we recently purchased and they are showing the mdf being cut halfway through and half way through on the next mdf board and they are layed within each other to form a "cross". i hope you know what im talking about..................

my question is, what is the best way to cut this slot so that it is 1/8" wide and yet it cuts all the way to the needed depth equally?

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Shawn, MDF is medium density fiberboard, usually a light brown in color. Hardboard or "Masonite"(brand name) is high density fiberboard, usually a dark brown in color. Pegboard is made from hardboard. Stack the pieces you want to join. Measure and mark a line where you want your cut. Measure and mark the center point of your cut line. Make your cut using a 1/8" straight or spiral cutting bit. Stop just before the center line, take your pieces apart and check the fit. If they are not flush then stack them again and sneek up on the center line until they do fit.
thanks mike, what are the chances of the spiral bit or straight bit breaking due to the fact that the bit is only an 1/8" thick?
It can happen Shawn. The biggest reason for bits breaking is people trying to force a bit. Take your time and you will be fine. Another way to make your cuts is by using a tablesaw. Check to be sure your blade measures 1/8", many are 3/32".
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