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'Ten Fingers' - routing machine

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I bought one a few years back. It was never used and to this day it's still not used. It still has the plastic on the table. I bought the router for it but I just can't find the time to play with it... Hoping this spring 2022. I only paid $125.00 for it.
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Welcome to Router Forums kbeitz.

Now the big question -

Just what, is a "Ten Fingers Routing Machine" ? A dovetail jig? What brand and model ? If you have a photo of it on your computer, that you can post, can you show us what it is?. You will need more posts to be fully accepted into Router Forums and allowed to post links to things.

How about completing your profile, so we can address you by a first name and we know roughly where you live? Not to the level of street address, but what town, city, state, country, etc that you live in. Different locations, especially countries, have different tooling available, so knowing where you are can sometimes allow us to provide better answers. There a bunch of us here who love to help newbies, but we need more clues to your problem before we can help you.

Welcome to the forum.
it was discussed here back in 2007: Ten Fingers routing machine
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