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Tenons on Long boards?

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Can someone please advise the best way to make 1 1/2" tenons in length x 1/2'"in width on longer boards for a headboard. My material is 1 1/2" thick and the boards(rails) are 63" long x 7" wide. Too long for my little shop to do on the tenons on the table saw. And with the longer boards too hard to handle on a table, so I figure the best way is to make a jig to hold my material and cut a bit off each side to nibble it down to fit a 1/2" mortise. Any other ideas. Thanks
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Then I think you have it...handsaw(pull saw), chisel, router plane (see Lee Valley or DIY - Youtube). Quite a few videos for a DIY router plane...
use a shoulder plane or a skew plane....
they are more suited to the task...
Being in the instructional mode, here is a pix of a router plane. Beyond being beautiful tool, it is really good at flattening and perfecting the bottom of a dado or groove. It must have support on both sides to work properly so it isn't good for tennons or rabbets. It is also great for inlays where you want a shallow, but exact depth of cut.


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...should you wish to use a Router Plane for the tenon, see Paul Sellers demonstrating his technique for making a tenon with a router plane and chisel and handsaw...there are other videos demonstrating this and other techniques...

Just in case anybody tells you it can't be done...

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