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Tenons on the Oak Park table

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I just finished viewing the RWS show about the gate leg kitchen table. I saw Bob use what looked like my miter attachment and the regular fence. My miter attachment fits over a guide ring around the bit so the regular fence doesn't get used.
What was he using?
Bruce in the Peg
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I Bruce

I think you are talking about the home made jig that Bob made to put on the tenons,but not to sure.

It looks like a clamp sled that runs up to the fence that's on some black pastic with guard over the bit and screw that hangs out (from the fence) just a bit to set the deepth of the tenons and has the tenon bit in the router like the one below.

Tenon Cutter

Episode 1103 /1104 Kitchen Console, 2 Parts

The kitchen console is an eating centre on casters. Very small kitchens often are not designed with an eating area because of space.
With this moveable console that opens to a 3’ square table surface and includes two drawers for eating utensils, two can eat in the kitchen, by the picture window, in front of the TV or in the sun porch.
Bob and Rick went one step further and designed the console to store two swivel stools (as in episode 1102) inside the console.
Watch the Router Workshop, episodes 1103 and 1104 for details of the kitchen console. 1103. Kitchen Console Part 1, Legs1104. Kitchen Console Part 2, Top

Bj :)


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