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Hello All,

I've poked around reading and looking at this forum for several months now and have decided to become a member and say hey! Used to watch my grandfather work his magic with all kinds of tools.

Life has a way of changing our plans and so i've decided and have a plan in progress to stop working for the Other Guy. Kind of scary, but gonna give it a good try...

Have purchased a cnc router a couple years back, and am very proficient with it, and have decided to expand my capbilities with other handheld tools (am sure i'll have many questions ). So my next project is to figure out the best handheld router(s) for my needs and then to add them to a Routertable ( mount both on the same table???? ).

I've been a cnc tool grinder ( resharpen and new manufacture) for the last 14 years. So maybe I'll be able to give back some help and information, like everyone has done so generous here...

Thanks again for the wealth of information....

Don ------ well, back to the grind stone. :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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