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Many years ago an old friend came over to my shop with his 2 hp router and a long straight bit that he was having vibration trouble with. He
wanted me to see if I could determine if the bit was at fault or the router. I chucked the bit into a metal lathe and put a dial indicator up against it . The bit was fine. Next I checked the router shaft. It was way out of whack. The router was only a few months old and hadn't been used as yet. My friend had bought it at Sears during their annual winter tool sale, advertised as their top of the line router. When he took it back the salesman looked at it and immediately said "Oh one of the sale routers." How can you tell Dave asked. It's supposed to be your best router at half price. The salesman told him that the serial numbers were the clue. The only thing that this router shared with their on sale router was the case, all the internals were of a different quality. Perhaps Lowes uses this same trick,
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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