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The Christmas router is a palm model (more)

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Dear all:

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of your help over the past few weeks! It has been invaluable, and I appreciate it very much! I will be returning with questions and comments as time goes on.

I would also like to clarify something I mentioned about "matching mouldings" in my home. Thanks for the notes that this can be nearly impossible at home. I should ahve been more clear. We have some detailed mouldings that we could never duplicate. However, some of our mouldings are very simple, a flat slab with a rounded edge. We are replacing some of these, and it would be a lot less expensive to purchase a 2x4 and rout one edge to round it than it would be to purchase it already prepped.

I have been talking a lot with my father-in-law as well. First of all, he is a carpenter. Sedcondly, he knows my husband VERY well! He was very concerned that purchasing a full-sized router at this point might be a waste of money for us. As odd as that sounds, he does have a point: our garage is littered with tools my husband "had to have" and then never has time for. He pointed out that a palm router might be a good starting point: very user-friendly, not too intimidating, not "too big to pull out and use". After doing more scans of the net and the circulars with my FIL, we settled on the Bosch Colt™ Variable-Speed Palm Router Kit PR20EVSK. I also got a 12 piece carbide bit set that will work with it. It will give us both a chance to sart out and try things. If we like it, we can upgarde to a full size set in a few months or so. (By the way, I say "we" because I am now realizing that I would love to do some routing myself!) I have also bought a few books on routing and on projects that my husband has been talking about, like building a cabinet and an entertainment center.

As before, any comments, queries or suggestions are welcome! Thanks again for helping me to find a Christmas present for my dear husband (DH). It's the one "big item" under the tree for him this year, and I really think it will make him happy. If not...well, we will be buying a full size kit!

Take care,
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Emmie that is a brand new model they just came out with. I did see pics of it and seems to me it would be pretty good model if you don't use it to hard. Sort of on the basis of or a little larger then a trim router but for rounding edges and chafers it should do fine. Hopefully some one that owns one will step in and give some real help this is just my opion. Cause I don't own one of that model.
I think you did a good job on picking out a router! If you two get into this routing it will not be long and you will have a half dozen laying around...... most of us would rather have to pick up another router then to have to change bits. I have nine now and am thinking of adding another this spring.

Merry Christmas!

9 for everyday of the week with two spares.I have two routers in tables,and 2 handheld..One was free when i bought my delta jointer.
I dont know much about the palm routers, but agree with not pushing them to hard.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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