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Dear all:

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of your help over the past few weeks! It has been invaluable, and I appreciate it very much! I will be returning with questions and comments as time goes on.

I would also like to clarify something I mentioned about "matching mouldings" in my home. Thanks for the notes that this can be nearly impossible at home. I should ahve been more clear. We have some detailed mouldings that we could never duplicate. However, some of our mouldings are very simple, a flat slab with a rounded edge. We are replacing some of these, and it would be a lot less expensive to purchase a 2x4 and rout one edge to round it than it would be to purchase it already prepped.

I have been talking a lot with my father-in-law as well. First of all, he is a carpenter. Sedcondly, he knows my husband VERY well! He was very concerned that purchasing a full-sized router at this point might be a waste of money for us. As odd as that sounds, he does have a point: our garage is littered with tools my husband "had to have" and then never has time for. He pointed out that a palm router might be a good starting point: very user-friendly, not too intimidating, not "too big to pull out and use". After doing more scans of the net and the circulars with my FIL, we settled on the Bosch Colt™ Variable-Speed Palm Router Kit PR20EVSK. I also got a 12 piece carbide bit set that will work with it. It will give us both a chance to sart out and try things. If we like it, we can upgarde to a full size set in a few months or so. (By the way, I say "we" because I am now realizing that I would love to do some routing myself!) I have also bought a few books on routing and on projects that my husband has been talking about, like building a cabinet and an entertainment center.

As before, any comments, queries or suggestions are welcome! Thanks again for helping me to find a Christmas present for my dear husband (DH). It's the one "big item" under the tree for him this year, and I really think it will make him happy. If not...well, we will be buying a full size kit!

Take care,
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