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The new breed of thin kerf circular saw blades

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Has anyone had long term comprehensive experience with these thin blades in a table saw and slide compound mitre saw? Do they bend and deform if pushed too hard? What materials have you used them in ? Do they blunt quicker than thicker blades? What is your overall experience with them?
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I used to use thin kerf, but I do a fair number of miter corners, and the thin kerf blades always deflected. I had to deal with cuts that slightly wandered, leaving small gaps that I had to fill. Now I only use full kerf blades and generally wind up using this one.
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This is the industrial line, slightly more than the red one but it has more carbide in the tips and can be resharpened many time. Every fourth tooth has a flat top so it produces a flat channel when it cuts, which is nice for splines in corners. It is a rip blade, but it produces such clean cuts that I use it for cross cuts and even have one on my sliding miter because I can make quick dados with flat bottoms by making several passes. Also works a treat for making small box joints on something like a "cigar" box.
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Thank you Tom. I thought they would be limited for rough work only. My Hitachi c9 saw came with a thin kerf blade 25 years ago and was verry unconvincing. I will know now to change to a quality blade. All the best.
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