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Things to know while choosing RouterTAbles(REVIEWS)

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while buying router tables there are things that we are supposed to keep in mind and it depends from person to person what type of product he or she wants , because every one has their own requirements and budgets hence you can go through this reviews it would be really very use full to you guys i personally got guided by this hence thought of sharing this !
unbiased reviews for best router tables 2019
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I have and like my Rockler table. Bought it quite awhile ago and recently upgraded to a Woodpecker plate for a little more robust support for my Triton. I have the open steel stand, but have enclosed it with ply. Rockler fence too, which works well for me. I live in a dry climate, so the composit structure is fine and thick so it isn't going to sag. I bought it back when my income was higher and might make my own these days, including the fence because I'd like to maximize above table dust collection. I don't see enough edvantage in metal tops to justify the cost. I'd want to buy from a local source so I can check with a straight edge for flatness before buying. The Woodpecker stuff is overpriced, but wow, is it beautiful and robust.
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