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Thinking about getting a CNC router

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Look into a table top CNC for making signs. What name brand would you recommend and why????

Thinking about getting into CNC routing. Can anyone suggest what table top CNC router would best serve my needs? I would like to start with sign making and progress from there.

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Welcome to the forum Lou.
Welcome to the forum Lou . There's getting to be a lot of members here knowledgeable regarding cnc's , and now that you've introduced yourself , it wouldn't hurt to post this question in the CNC thread area :)

Btw Lou , you may want to be more specific, like what size of cutting area your after , budget etc.
Do you want a turn key system, or are you interested in assembling a kit .

In my case , I suspect I'm going to buy a 4'x4' Pro model from
One bonus about CNCrouterparts parts , you can expand it to a larger size at a later date if you choose . They changed from V bearings to 20mm linear rail last year with no cost increase , so that's a real bonus .

Popular here is if you want a turn key solution.

This is a pretty good bang for the buck from what I've researched , and there's a member here with a 4'x2' Saturn , and is very happy with its performance. It's a beast !
The pictures have not been updated , as the gantry is now steel instead of t-slot extruded aluminum .

Not happy with the QC , but maybe it's improving ?
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Hi Lou and welcome.
Two threads on the same subject.
Two threads on the same subject.
That's my fault . I thought that Lou would get more traffic regarding the subject matter if he posted in the appropriate area .
It's kinda nice when new members introduce themselves also :)

Edit . Ok Theo I stand corrected lol . Apparently there's two posts in the introduction area too ?
Hobby or professional?

Build or buy?

New or used?

There's a lot of deciding factors. I spent a few years researching a bunch of different machines before I decided on mine. There are a lot of great machines for reasonable money now, but you will have to narrow the field first. Then the owners can give tell you the things they love or not about those machines.

It's a long process, but a fun one.

***PS.. you will probably want a bigger machine the more you use it***
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Lou
Welcome! I'm on the same path, and getting my Probotix in a few weeks. Working on clearing space in the shop now; I've promised myself the shop must be ready before I can place the order. (sigh)

I'm getting the Nebula, the big one ... so I've got a lot of space that must be cleared.
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Welcome to the forum, Lou! Lots of good info here.

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