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I do not know if this is one of those things to which people will respond "of coursse, you idiot" or "duh" but it was new to me. I was attempting to use an Oak Park spacer fence and as far as I know I was doing everything according to Bob and Rick on the Router Workshop. However, I was using a spiral downcut bit (to avoid getting too much saw dust in my router) and wondered why it was so difficult to mak the cut. I then made the offset block according to the router workshop tip. I noticed what looked like smoke but ignored it thinking it could not be smoke. I finally picked up the block and found a lot of sawdust in it, and some of it was glowing!! I removed it and it landed in some sawdust which in a few minutes was flaming. I did have enough water with me to douse the flame safely so I do not think any long term damage was done except to the bit. I finally realized my mistake: the downcut spiral bit does not clear the sawdust so it just kept getting hotter and hotter. Downcut spiral bits should not be used with the spacer fences. I was lucky to notice the flames before they got out of control.

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You are NOT a idiot , it's just one of the things you pickup when you start using a router table. :)
Glad you got the fire out and you may want to slow down and let the bit do the work it should not get that hot not with down cut bit or a upcut bit.
Making more than one pass will help,hardwood 1/4" to 3/8" deep 1st pass and then 1/4"to 3/8" again on the 2nd pass should do the trick. :)

From MLCS woodworking com.

2 flute flat bottom cutters.
Top quality micrograin solid carbide. Will cut faster, smoother and stays sharper longer.
Produces a very clean, fast and accurate cut with minimal chatter.

Upcut spiral helps remove material.
Ideal for making mortise and tenon joints.

Downcut spirals help hold the material in place while using handheld routers.

Will plunge cut and plane edges.
Eliminates chipping at the top of the cut. Ideal for soft & hard woods, plywoods & composites, laminates, plastics and some non-ferrous metals.
Item #5155 will cut grooves for #20 biscuits. Item #7468 can be used with the Leigh Jig. Item #5161 can be used for inlay routing. item #5150/#5170 can be used for shelf pin router jigs.

Bj :)

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Mftha, in addition to my fire extinguisher I always have a pint of water in my glue brush cleaning jar, and a gallon milk jug of water on the shelf. You were correct to pay attention to the smoke, it should never occur during normal cutting operations with any shop tool. As for the sawdust on the floor, a clean shop is a safe shop. We all live and learn, and it sounds to me like you are on the right track.
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