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Three Colours of Dovetails

This type of joint is a trade mark of the Incra dovetailing Jig. With the incra it is possible to cut what they call the double, double double, corner post and or the eagle. In fact it is possible to have 5 species of timber coming together in one corner ( one species for the side, one for the front, two for each of the fillets and one for the corner post). It is a very simple joint to cut using the Incra system, a look at incra,s web site will give you a good understanding. It is also possible to cut the double dovetail on the Leigh jig and also on the Woodrat. So far I have managed the double and the double double on my Woodrat. Using the Incra you cut the sockets and pins in the normal way, then cut a series of sliding dovetail keyways on a piece of 30 mm thick timber the same width as the drawer sides. Then slice a 3mm segment of this peice, glue it onto the original board were the sockets were cut. Once the glue is dry recut the sockets using the same cutter and bobs your uncle you have the double dovetail joint.
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