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Fine dust control -- critical consideration.

Google: Bill Pentz You will find extensive help on dust collection. This site is his personal production and done to help you and me because he nearly died from wood dust poisoning.

I have a small shop myself, space a real issue, and I am trying to figure out what to do. I have had pneumonia four times and although my health is good i know my lungs are a weak spot. Bill Pentz's site was created exactly because he nearly died from wood dust poisoning in his lungs - as you will read on his site, even after he bought what is considered by many the premier cyclone system on the market (at least the most advertised system).

It appears the manufacturers are playing games with the woodworkers and that is bad news for the woodworkers. Do look at the Clear Vue site, they have a small cyclone for use with shop vac's, etc., that may be a good solution. Key point - the best solution involves exhausting outside your garage, not into a filter solution. Collect from the tool, through they cyclone (big stuff will collect in barrel), and remainder of air flow exhausted outside the shop into the air where it will be carried away by the breeze.

Hope this helps - you are dealing with a real issue and need to learn all you can. Another consideration, woods vary considerably in how dangerous they are in your lungs (chart on Bill Pentz's site), some must be much more carefully handled.

Best wishes,
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