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Dust collection

So, it's time to take care of all that dust making my *I wont say where I put the saw" uninhabitable.

My saw (DW745) has a little tube that I supposed is used to put there a hose from a vacuum.. but, since I'm totally new to this, I'd like to know if is only that or there is something else I should consider before doing that.

I googled a bit and there are some complex thingies called cyclone, and some woodworkers have also big-flashy-expensive setups to collect dust... wont work for me.

Any help is appreciated!.
I can't see from here but most likely it is for the dust collection. A shop vac will work. You can buy sensors that will automatically turn on the vac when you start the saw if you want. I think Rockler has them. You can also put a fiber drum between the shop vac and the saw to catch the bulk of the saw dust and not have to empty the shop vac as often.
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