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ShopNotes TIP

Scroll Saw Auxiliary Table

"Table Diagram Most of the work I do on my scroll saw involves fine cuts on small pieces.
So it’s very important for the workpiece to slide easily across the table.
The problem is most scroll saw tables aren’t very smooth.
I’ve tried waxing the table and found that the wax wears off pretty quickly and leaves a residue on my projects.

To solve the problem, I made a smooth-sliding auxiliary top out of a piece of Plexiglas, as in the drawing above.
The Plexiglas is the same size as the saw table and has a hole only a bit larger than the blade to provide more workpiece support.
I attached it with spray adhesive."

I did put it on my top plate and it works great but I didn't use glue (spray adhesive ) I used double sided carpet tape because I know it in time I will need to replace it with a new one, I used 1/8" clear plastic and drilled a 1/4" hole for the blade and the blade did make a small slot to run in like a guide, in the plastic that should help with blade bend.(tracking)

It should save the metal top from getting small scratches and to keep the resale up,just never know if I want to get a new one and sell the Dewalt.

But it's sure slick and works great for small parts

Good Woodworking,

Phil Huber
Online Editor, ShopNotes


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I saw that tip and have tried it in the past. My experience is that the surface of the plastic scratched easily. In no time, the surface scratched so badly that moving the piece around was difficult.

A better solution is make a 1/4 in. top for the table. Drill a hole for the blade entry that MATCHES ANY DOWEL SIZE YOU MAY HAVE AROUND. Drill the center of the dowel insert for the blade access. When the hole gets worn out, drill out the dowel and put in a new insert.

Being plywood, the top will take a good coating of Johnson's Paste Wax. If the top gets scratched, rewax it.

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Ive always used furniture paste wax by mini wax
and as far as the wax staining my work i wrap clear packing tape around all the wood i cut that way when i attach the pattern using spray glue i dont have to pick all the paper off afterwards it comes off in one swoop with no residue left on the wood
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