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Good hand-crafted jigs aren’t meant to be micro-adjustable or universal unless you have the time and skill needed to create them. Besides, they sometimes don’t work as well as those that are quick, simply designed and easy to craft. Unless you’re a master craftsman, you probably won’t have the need for specialized jigs.

• Make jigs from materials you already have in your shop.
• Get the job done, but don’t get too involved. Build it quickly, fasten the parts together with some screws, nails or staples or even hot-melt glue.
• If it takes longer to make the jig than it would to finish the job without it, don’t bother unless it’s something you’ll be doing on a regular basis.
• Don’t make a jig you may need in the future for some unplanned project. Do make it when you have a task right on your worktable.
• Use a nominal number of pieces and fashion it in a simple design. And unless you’re creating a gift or work of art, why bother applying a finish?​
Geesh, going by this, I should go back to playing golf...:surprise:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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