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Titebond III

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Titebod III glue, has anybody used it yet and how did it perform?
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I'm using it now. It works OK. Kinda runny though. I think I'm going back to Loctite's Wood Worx. I've gotten a stronger bond with it.
ejant said:
Titebod III glue, has anybody used it yet and how did it perform?
I've got a couple projects glued with it and so far so good.

This is another idea, buy some and made up a couple of joints and see how you feel about it. It come is in small 4oz bottles and I think I paid less then $3.00.

Back in highschool woodshop we had to glue up joints and then the instuctor would brake them and if the joint broke on the glue line you failed, if it broke and you had wood coming apart with the glue you passed. We even got to use hideglue...... Just remembering back '60's.

I just got some today. Cheap 5.99 for 8 ounces. Next week I'll glue up a table frame with it. A Jet drill press is going to be on it so it will have a heavy load.
The frame made with OakPark's miter system.
How did the glue work out on the table frame?

It is runny more so than titebond II. This has a plus side as it spreads very evenely.
As for strenght is has a super hold. I had to break a joint apart (different project) the glue held, plywood destroyed.
I like the Titebond III. I have used it for table tops, making cross frames for mobiles and even to glue up my home built router fence. Far as I know this is the first of the titebond products to be labeled as safe for food related projects.
I"ve used it a lot with no problems . Just be sure to wipe any excess glue with a wet rag.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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