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Toggle Clamps (Update)

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This post is an update report on the problem I was having awhile back with using toggle clamps holding my router table fence securely, after moving my table mounted router to the extension table of my table saw where I could not use C clamps. If you'll recall, I installed T tracks and made swivel T track slides to mount the toggle clamps on. The clamps would not hold the fence tight enough to keep it from creeping over with the router running.

I'm happy to report that the problem is solved. It turns out that the toggle clamps I used (De-Sta-Co #207 UL) were reaching out too far (3") and were apparently were loosing their mechanical advantage. All I had to do was move the clamps spindle back about 2", closer to the handle. I've used the router table and the fence quite a bit in the past month or so and haven't experienced any of the fence creeping it did when I first set it up.

Big problem :mad: , simple fix :D . I am still going to add a couple of pieces of thin router pad to the bottom of the fence when I have time, just for insurance.

Thanks to everyone for the helping figure this out.

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Glad to hear you got it fixed. :D
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