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Theo,,, I've done quite a bit of ADA related work last few years.. I guess the thinking is that someone who may have had a stroke, or very limited use of their hand, can "paw" at the paper. When its hung over the front, it makes it easier to access.
Yeah, I guess I can see where some people could feel that way. Myself, I would find it just as easy, or easier, to kind of bat up, with the back of my hand.

Do me a favor. Ask some of those who have had a stroke or limited hand use, which way they think would be better, or if they think they would be the same - explaining how over the back would be easier to rewind too. I'm thinking probably no one has asked before, and the 'thinking' was thought by someone with no disability - which happens way too often, in my book.

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Original thought

Good Day Members, Finished a solid North American Black Walnut Toilet Paper Holder. Used a Freud Roman Ogee bit 38-104, with my Bosch 1617EVS. Results were good. Dowel pins & glue were used to connect the arms. Finishing was performed with Watco Natural Oil. See photos. Your advice will be appreciated.
Back to the thread hey Rich, did a great job we really like it hope you enjoy it for a long time!
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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