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Tongue and groove bits

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I am working on a large buffet and hutch. The bulk of the material is Oak ply faced with solid oak. I need to make a tongue and groove joint for the sides and the front stile to join together (it's what the plans call for). I am faced with a hard decision, which tongue and groove bit and which brand to get. I have seen the all in one bit, and a tongue and groove set (2 bits). Which is better and easier to use? Second question, I know this gets asked alot. Which brand is good quality at a low price? I was looking at the MLCS all in one bit for $39, but that seems to cheap, are they any good? Also I checked out the Infinity tongue and groove set for $64, I can't find any reviews on this one. The last one was a Porter Cable all in one bit at Home Depot for $54. I really didn't want spend anymore than $60, but I want something that won't burn up on me real fast. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Archer, until the end of the month one of our sponsers is running a big time sale on in stock bits. Check them out at
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