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You have posed your question to some of the sharpest wood workers in the nation, so there are a lot of viable solutions to your situation. I had not thought of using a spade bit as BJ suggested.

If you are concerned about your PC 691, I used to work on construction equipment and can give you a few things to look for. Remove, clean, and check your collet and nut. Automotive brake cleaner works great for this. Look for signs of wear and micro splits or cracks. A good strong light and a magnifying glass are recommended.

Used compressed air and blow out your motor assembly. If you feel comfortable enough with your repair skills, disassemble the motor to do a visual check of the armature and windings. Bubbling, burned, or discolored insulation means the unit has been overworked and may need to be replaced soon. There is usually an acidic smell that goes along with the burned insulation. As long as you have it apart, check the bearings for wear or discoloration.

There are test machines at tool repair centers that can tell you exactly how much damage may have been done. It can verify shorts, opens, and broken grounds.

I hope this gives you a little direction on the PC 691.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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