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Good morning and GOD Bless you.

The company I work for has a Gerber Profile 408. We are getting a clamp release error. Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank for you time.

Gerry Waldron
Gerry welcome to the Router Forums.

Gerry you might check your air line going to the ATC and make sure it is clear and not full of water. If the moisture trap on the air line filled up and was not bled off then moisture could have gotten into the ATC system keeping it from operating correctly. This would give you a clamping error.

I know around here we have had really high humidity levels this year.

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Hi Mike,

How are you today? I hope well. Thank you for the welcome and thanks for replying.

We had the electrical route yesterday and all seems well. Now we are checking air lines and solenoids.

Enjoy your day!!

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