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Tool Review Guidelines ~ READ BEFORE POSTING

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Welcome to the new tool review forum. As the title describes, this forum will be used for reviews of tools in your workshop. All the reviews are written by members of Any user is allowed to write a review at anytime. We ask that all users who are intersted in writting a review, that they please follow the below guidelines.

All reviews should be in the same format as shown below.

Tool: ( the name of tool the review is based on )
Reviewer: ( your username or your first / last name )
Tool Rating: ( a rating provided by the reviewer, the rating will be out of 10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best )
Picture: ( provide a picture of the tool up for review ) *optional*
Review: ( the contents of the review )

Note: All reviews that do not follow the review format shown above will be removed from the "Tool Review" forum and relocated into the "Trash Can" forum.

Also, if you find a review on another website and it is written by another person you may post it in this forum. As long as you have recieved that authors permission and you properly link the source of your findings ( ex; Source: ).

If you're intersted in writing your own review, feel free to start up a thread.

If you have any suggestions or additions to the current tool review format pleast either send an email to: [email protected], or post them here.
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Thanks for that review. I'll order it from my library and check it out.
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