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Tool sharpening

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Helo all,

I am just getting into sharpening, tried scary sharp, now on waterstones, like them, shaved a hair for the first time.

I bought a Veritas honing jig markll, works well but just one problem. I set it up carefully and align the blade square, constantly checking it, but my bevels are never always square, sometimes they are slant and I can't find a reason for it.

Any suggestions how I can control this problem? please say if you had this problem and how you worked around it.

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Hi Guyos, Welcome aboard.
I can think of 2 possible causes.
1. The jig is not true and square. I'm not that familuar with honing jigs, but check it to make sure that it is true. Even though it is new, it could be miss aligned.

2. You say you're using waterstones. Possibly your stones aren't flat. If you are starting with a course grit (800-1000) then working your way up to fine (8000), each stone has to be dead flat. If the iron in your jig is square to the jig, if the jig is true, and the stones are flat, then it should hone true.
Thanks for the advice pop_pop1, I have aligned the blade properly in the jig, now I will try flattening the stones.

I have seen the problem mentioned in other forums, but there dont seem to be a suggested cure for it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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