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Track saw, should order one now?

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I've had the Dewalt track saw on my wish list for a while. Several times I've looked to buy one but nobody local stocks them. So each time I've faced the choice of waiting 1-2 weeks or making due with a circular saw and home made track that sort of works. Since I've always had a deadline, I've chosen to make do.
Yesterday and today I'm struggling with the 18v circular saw. I'm also struggling with the decision to order the track saw now so I'll have it next time I need it.

I can get it on Amazon in about a week for about $600 or in 2 days for $660. This is for the saw and two tracks.
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I have a FesTool tracksaw and love it . Previously I'd use my Makita skill saw and a straight edge guide I bought from Canadian Tire , but the saws fence wasn't very tall , and the saw would go underneath the dam straight edge half the time as the sheet goods bent a bit.

If I would have seen some of the ideas here to use a skill saw with a home made track , I think I would have gone that direction instead, but the money's spent .

I recently tried to cut two 2/10's on my table saw , as I needed boards 6-5/8" wide , and I wrecked them both . HD doesn't sell 2/8's :(
Anyways I went to Home Hardware and bought two 2/8's , and when I used my track saw I got the cuts perfect . I'm certainly a big fan of track saws , and am glad I found about about them before I built a panel saw.

One bonus with buying the track saw I guess , is the track can also be used with my FesTool router with the proper attachment
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1... if the sheet bent/sagged you had insufficient support under the sheet...
also those wide body guides I linked to are well made. heavy duty and solid...
and what makes things reall work is the carrier... if you had one on your 1st arrangement you would have seen a major difference in your cuts...
2... way more than you needed to... and twice at that...
3... same for the carriers linked that were linked to..

use something like these... they get even better w/ a center rip and can be made from 1x', 2x's or plywood....
Yes in my case the sheet wasn't properly supported . I copied those pics you posted as that could come in very handy . Great idea, Thanks Stick
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