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Track saw, should order one now?

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I've had the Dewalt track saw on my wish list for a while. Several times I've looked to buy one but nobody local stocks them. So each time I've faced the choice of waiting 1-2 weeks or making due with a circular saw and home made track that sort of works. Since I've always had a deadline, I've chosen to make do.
Yesterday and today I'm struggling with the 18v circular saw. I'm also struggling with the decision to order the track saw now so I'll have it next time I need it.

I can get it on Amazon in about a week for about $600 or in 2 days for $660. This is for the saw and two tracks.
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Like most people, for years, I used shop made jigs for my circular saw. 6 or 7 years ago I was remodeling our kitchen and needed a saw that would cut 8/4 butcher block for the counter tops. At the time the only saw available was the Festool. I thought the price was stupid, but figured I could sell the saw when I was done and get most of my money back. I used the saw, made cuts I never would have tried with a circular saw, including the sink cut outs, and discovered I could make accurate cuts on full sheets of ply without using the table saw. Then we moved, and except for the track saw and miter saw, all of my tools went into storage. I built my shop with those 2 saws, did another kitchen with the track saw, cut an 11' slab for a breakfast bar, used it for breaking down rough lumber and the list goes on. As far as I am concerned the saw has paid for itself many times over. Add in that I use the tracks for my routers and I could not be more happy with the system.
I am not saying that everyone needs a track saw, but personally I will never be without one.


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