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Track saw, should order one now?

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I've had the Dewalt track saw on my wish list for a while. Several times I've looked to buy one but nobody local stocks them. So each time I've faced the choice of waiting 1-2 weeks or making due with a circular saw and home made track that sort of works. Since I've always had a deadline, I've chosen to make do.
Yesterday and today I'm struggling with the 18v circular saw. I'm also struggling with the decision to order the track saw now so I'll have it next time I need it.

I can get it on Amazon in about a week for about $600 or in 2 days for $660. This is for the saw and two tracks.
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everybody needs a festool trak saw or the equivalent, right?

Not everyone has $400-500 burning a hole in their pockets. Convenient, yes, necessary no! If you are a commercial shop, then it might be worth it. It will save you time and money. But, come on guys, how many of us don't have the time, or the tools/materials to set up a guide to break down sheet goods?

Stick and gene are spot on. I can do anything a trak saw will do with a dedicated straight edge and a circular saw. I have mechanical straight edges, and home made straight edges. I suspect that they are just as easy and quick to set up and use as a dedicated trak type set-up.

Lately, i have been experimenting with the matchfit clamps from microjig. I have built a dedicated straight edge out of a piece of 1x and 1/4" hardboard. The clamps lock it into place and are never in the way of my saw. I have one for cross-cutting sheet goods and a longer one for ripping sheet goods. I have probably less than $15 in materials, $40 into two clamps (that are used for several other specific operations) and a few minutes of labor. No extra expenses for; track sections, connectors, replacement rubber strips, or any of the other expensive accessories and replacement parts.

matchfit? - microjig - work smarter

sorry, i just can't see spending the money for one of these systems guide trak systems. Then again, i guess that i'm just not one of the "cool kids" and have to own a bunch of tools like those overpriced green ones.
Try a new perspective. Let's say you have no "other" expensive vices. No booze, no smokes, no mistress, and the mortgage is beaten down. You're thrifty, family oriented and you've got decent health coverage.
There are no pockets in shrouds. I came from a large family, was taught to be thrifty, to make do, to go without. eventually I didn't know how to do anything but save. I have a good mortgage free home, a good wife and two grown children. I have good health. Until only a little while ago I was questioning everything I bought. Couldn't I make it and save some money? Do I really need it or is it being frivolous? I've got enough now to last my lifetime and most of my kids lifetime. To me the only thing it really gives me is peace of mind. I no longer have to worry about being poor. So, buy the Makita. I did and I like it. I don't use it enough to justify the cost but so what. I like it and no one lost because I bought it. Treat yourself, time is short.
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