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Track saw, should order one now?

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I've had the Dewalt track saw on my wish list for a while. Several times I've looked to buy one but nobody local stocks them. So each time I've faced the choice of waiting 1-2 weeks or making due with a circular saw and home made track that sort of works. Since I've always had a deadline, I've chosen to make do.
Yesterday and today I'm struggling with the 18v circular saw. I'm also struggling with the decision to order the track saw now so I'll have it next time I need it.

I can get it on Amazon in about a week for about $600 or in 2 days for $660. This is for the saw and two tracks.
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Here's a link to a recent comparison of 6 tracksaws, including the ones mentioned here, plus the Grizzly, Mayfell and Triton.

Track Saw Review | Tool Test | Woodworking

The Festool beat out the rest overall, but not by the margin you'd expect. DeWalt didn't do that well, and Makita scored very well with many of the same features as the Festool. The only shortcoming in the article is there's no mention of blade, so it's likely the author used the stock blade. Every saw I own does far better cuts when I use a premium blade. Most lesser brands supply an OK stock blade (probably to reduce the retail price), so I'd be interested in any feedback you folks have on the topic of replacement blades for track saws.

My own approach to breaking down sheet stock is rough cut a little oversized, then trim to exact dimension on the table saw with a premium blade. But I've been accumulating cash and this discussion has me tempted.

One other seemingly minor point: I use 5'x5' sheet sizes, so a 55 inch track is too short, and 100 inches is way too long. I didn't notice whether any of them had a longer track, say, 65 or 70 inches. Anyone know if such a thing is available?
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