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Track saw, should order one now?

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I've had the Dewalt track saw on my wish list for a while. Several times I've looked to buy one but nobody local stocks them. So each time I've faced the choice of waiting 1-2 weeks or making due with a circular saw and home made track that sort of works. Since I've always had a deadline, I've chosen to make do.
Yesterday and today I'm struggling with the 18v circular saw. I'm also struggling with the decision to order the track saw now so I'll have it next time I need it.

I can get it on Amazon in about a week for about $600 or in 2 days for $660. This is for the saw and two tracks.
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When I bought my Scheppach, which is the same as the Grizzly, it came with two 25 inch tracks. I use one of them for cutting smaller pieces and add one to the 55 inch Grizzly track when I need to cut up some Baltic Birch.

The saw isn't perfect, and leaves some sawdust on the table, but it has worked OK for me. Being older and not as strong as I once was, it makes good sense to break down the big pieces with the track saw.

And for $130 shipped via, I can't complain. That was 4 years ago.
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