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Trend T4 mounting

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Just bought a Trend T4 router for basic hobby use and want to mount it under a small table top router table. Was using a laminate router previously.
How do I do it, will the T4 baseplate mount to the insert plate okay?
will the plunge pillars/springs get in the way?

Thanks for help.
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Hi Des, almost any router might be mounted to a table.
If you have any difficulty, yo might need to make your own insert plate from 1/4" acrylic.
Do you have a lift for the router?
Take a look at the screws for the router's baseplate and see if they might match screw holes on the table's insert plate. Occasionally the base of the router could have additional mounting holes hidden under the baseplate. The table's plate can be drilled to accommodate the screw pattern of the router. You can use the baseplate for a pattern. I had a machinist buddy drill mine. Check if the handles will fit through the hole in the table. If it's tight the router can be mounted to the plate kitty-corner. You'll probably be making depth adjustments under the table or by pulling the plate/router out. The controls (like the depth lock) should be considered when deciding which way the router sits on the plate. Adjusting the depth of cut can be a pain with springs. Many would remove them. This router is still quite light for table use (there are more powerful trim routers). That said, I used a 1/4" 1HP Craftsman for quite a time in a table, it was easier to adjust though because it had a rack and pinion fixed base.
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