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Triangle - "Copy" and "Past"

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Good day

I have a big accurate (it better be for $15) 45° drafting triangle.

To save it, I Copied and Past it to plywood triangle.

If you copy it to 1/2" or 3/4" and make 2 slots for clamps, you can use it as "square holder" during carcass, box or frame gluing

Happy New Year

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A nice idea for home made glueing jigs. Rockler Woodworking has some small assembly squares made from a plastic that glue does not stick to. They make these in two sizes and have a new set that is angle adjustable. They call these jigs "Clamp its" and they also have special miniature F style clamps designed to fit them.
Thank you Mike

When I made it, I did not mean to use it for gluing.

After I made it I thought that if I copy it to 1/2" or 3/4" and make slots for the clamps, it can be used also for gluing.
I forgot to mention that, in this case it's better to remove part of the apex, so it will not touch the glue squeeze-out at the carcass corner.

simplenik said:
I have a big accurate (it better be for $15) 45° drafting triangle.
I've been seaching for BIG triangles...

I've found 12" ers... and 14" ers...

Just how BIG is your BIG triangle?? :sold: :D :D

While you're at it, what is the thickness? :) :D

Thank you...
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Hi Joe

The "leg" (Cathetus) is 32 cm (around 12½") and the long side (Hypotenuse) is 45 cm (around 18").

The thickness is 1/8" (3mm).

You can easily enlarge the triangle during "copying" on the router table.

If you want to be sure that the router bit cutter will not touch the plastic... when you screw the triangle to the plywood put some washers or spacers between the triangle and the plywood.

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