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Just looked it up and Bing showed some listings you can check out for collets and adapters.

Woodcraft has a half inch to 3/8th acapter you can order online.

As to the router, all the trim routers anywhere near the hp you want are 1/4 inch shank.

I'd go with the Bosch 1617 EVSPK kit, occasionally $200-$220 for the kit. It is a 2 1/4 hp unit, but pretty easy to handle. Gets high praise around here. The kit includes the plunge base. You can get the fixed base only, even the motor only, but buying the other parts of the kit separately will go way over the price mentioned. Look for it on sale and get Lowe's to match the price. And Bosch has a stock 3/8ths collet available as well.

The power of the Bosch is a little higher, 3/4 hp more, than what you specified, but the diameter of the motor is pretty standard and the fixed base can be installed in a table if you wish.

Here's the cheapest price I found on the Bosch 3/8ths collet (not just an adapter) for #12.99 from CPO.

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