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Well, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement!
Got my triton mounted in my table using a Kreg plate. I drilled my own holes so it would be set on the same angle like Marc Sommerfeld had his. Turned out great!
Turned it on ( with a bit installed) to try it out, and it makes a really strange, like growling sound. I have 8 other routers, and none have made this noise.
Thought maybe it was just the “nature of the beast”, I tried a few different bits. Went from bad to really bad when I got to a panel raiser.
The table was shaking so badly, that almost everything I had setting on top landed on the floor. Ugh!
Was really expecting to flip the switch and get that satisfying “whirring” sound of a new router.
Now to box it all back up and drive the 60 miles to exchange it.
Did I just get a lemon?? I really hope so because otherwise, I love this thing!
Call Triton Customer Service at 1-855-227-3478(US). Just had a return with them today. They seem to be very responsive.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts