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Triton/Hitachi collets

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I've tried a search to find the answers, but without success, so I've got to bother you experts with a couple of questions. I own several routers, including both sizes of Tritons. The big machine has an "Hitachi-style" collet and came with a 1/4" reducing sleeve. The smaller machine (MOF001) has both 1/2" and 1/4" "self-releasing" collets as supplied in the UK, although I'm aware that in Australia, this machine is supplied with the same collet and sleeve as the larger machine.

I'm not a fan of reducing sleeves, so I was pleased that the smaller machine came with two dedicated collets, but all attempts to get an 8mm size have so far failed (I've got several Leigh 8mm cutters and would really like a "proper" collet for them in the "self-releasing" style).

The larger machine would also benefit from a dedicated 1/4" (and 8mm if possible) "Hitachi-style" collet, but no luck there so far either.

Here's the question (at last!): Does anyone know whether the collet from an Hitachi M12V fits the large Triton?
Also, if yes, does Hitachi make a 1/4" or 8mm collet, rather than an insert sleeve?

TIA. :)

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Welcome Ray. One of our members may be able to answer this. I will make inquirys but it may take some time. You might try sending a private message to "Stu in Japan". He owns an M12V and may be your best source of info on the metric collet.
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