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Triton router question - am I unlucky?

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I bought two of these and both didn't work properly out of the box.
Am I unlucky or are these routers unreliable or are there quality control issues.
The first a MOF001 was faulty, when i pressed the dual function button, it jammed and just wouldn't release
I returned it and bought a JOF001 (a smaller version without the dual mode) this time the plunge mechanism
was very stiff and kept jamming and the collet allowed the bit to slip despite being properly tightened.
I have a couple of other routers which are getting old and worn and need replacing and I would like to
have the flexibility of fitting a new one to a router table and these triton routers have a nifty router lift feature.
Should I risk buying another maybe the biggest they do?
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Very odd. I suspect you've gotten some repacked units. I have the 3.25 hp TRA001 and it is trouble free. But it is too heavy for me to handle freehand, so I use it only in a table. For that, I don't think it can be beat.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum @Blithering.

I am not aware of any quality issues with Triton.

I have 2 older units and find them very good to use,

If you are going to use in a table, I would go for one of the larger units (TRA001?).
Thank you for the welcome
I may go ahead and try the larger TRA 001 as there does'nt seem to be anything available with a router lift feature and with that quick bit change facility
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Although he passed away, Marc Sommerfeld has a series of videos on youtube on table routing technique that is terrific, and he uses the Triton TRA001. He does amazing work (he was a cabinet maker first), using simple but elegant techniques. I have some of his tools and jigs, good stuff. The videos to me are some of the best instructional videos ever, although he removes some safety devices so you can see what he's doing. I like that he doesn't cut away to shorten the process, but lets you see the whole process. This will get you to part one of cabinet making made easy.
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