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triton routers

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new to this forum and have been very impressed with it. my question is, are the triton routers one of the best table mount routers, as most everything i have read about them has been positive.

thanks, kevin
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Hello Kevin, and welcome to the forums. I can't answer your question cause I have never owned one. Someone will answer it tho. Again welcome.

the "Doctor"
I have a Triton 3hp that is only used in a table and it is a fine router. When they first come here from Australia they were the only routers available that the bit could be changed from above the table,without a lift of some kind. In my opinion they are not good for hand routing, and while I have had no problems im over 3 years I wouldn't buy it now. There are many others that do the same thing and can be used easier for hand routing.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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