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I am now more confused. I thought the router would lock the spindle from rotating when it was turned off and not having to adjust the height. I have some operations that I don't want to adjust the height for when changing the bits so that is what im trying accomplish.
I just re-read all of the posts and realized what you are asking. Like I said earlier I am a slow learner. Yes there is a spindle lock that you can activate without changing height settlings. If you look at the picture the black button to the right of blue vacuum hose is the spindle lock. Pushing that in will lock the spindle so you can change bits without changing the height setting (you have to keep it depressed to maintain the lock). You can do this without pushing the switch safety thing, but I always shut down the switch prior to changing bits because I hate surprises, especially ones that will cut off my body parts. Hope this clears up the confusion.


1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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