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My 240 volt 2400W Triton nameplate shows it is a TRA001 with year of manufacture 0460 ( possibly 0450, stamp hard to read) and serial number 04558

Anybody know what year was this made please?

It needs a new speed controller, and our local major hardware store has one that is labelled on the bar code on the package: TRI-TRA001B-003

Do you know if this would be compatible with my Triton? If not, can you please suggest where I might find out?

Regards to all,


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Hi Jill

I believe that Carbatec are the new Aus distributors for Triton.
You might need to check with them,
I had to replace my speed controller recently and bought it from a spare parts place in UK...
TRA027 was the original part number, according to my manual.

Let me know if you need any help.
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