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Triton TRB001 - extra holes?

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I had the bas plate off my TRB001 yesterday as I was trying to get the plunge to work.
It seems to be seized.

I noticed these additional holes in the base plate.
They are tapped to m4 - 0.7 from the top down, but not all the way through.

3 of the holes seem to be in
Light Train Automotive tire Wood Gas
Automotive tire Product Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Alloy wheel

a tri-angle pattern, but I have not been able to match them with any othe router base plate holes.

Any one have any idea of what they are for.

Also need help to restore the plunge!!!!!!
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TRA models originally came with a clear acrylic, polycarbonate or lexan dust shield on the top of the router base, with provision for a Triton spiral collector hose to screw into a fitting at the side. I'm thinking that these holes are probably the screw holes to mount the shield.
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Did not think of the dust collection, @malb .

I have a TRA001 and a TRB001...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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