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Hey folks, first post so go easy on me.

I've found a few dead end threads where this has been discussed but nothing useful. Apologies if I've missed it being answered elsewhere.

I've just picked up a TRB001 and will be building a table to use it exclusively as a mounted router. Unfortunately it lacks the tabletop winding mechanism present on the later models.

To be clear finances are very spartan ( I only paid £60 for the TRB ) so simply replacing it with the new one isn't an option.

At the same time yes I can totally manage with the under table controls but I would prefer not to.

First thing I've done is stripped the whole machine down and cleaned it thoroughly, at which point I've noticed the plastic worm thread for the fine control.

I've located various alloy replacements for this including a couple for the TRA/TRB which had the winder. On first visual inspection it seems entirely possible to drill out the casing to accept the upgraded part with winder as long as the dimensions, thread pitch etc are the same for the rest of the shaft. I have a decent pillar drill so should be a clean job.

I guess my question is has anyone else done this successfully ( or unsuccessfully ), any guidance on which parts are compatible ?

A second question behind that is on the actual winder/mechanism interface. I see some of the later ones with a small T bar but this doesn't seem universal. Can anyone give me a heads up ?

Cheers, Ian
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