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Worlds best router has just gotten better. Here are the new and improved features that make us no. 1 in the woodworking shop. Changing from free plunge to rack and pinion mode as become even easier with just a push of a button. Our switch is now fully sealed in a rubber boot to ensure dust free operation. The plunge handle components have also been updated to metal gears for smoother operation and extended life. Our improved ¼-inch collet reducer makes changing to ¼-inch bit safer and easier. The Triton Router is the only router in the world where the full plunge depth brings the collet well past the base of the router and up through the table. With the collet freely exposed and an automatic spindle lock engaged you need only one wrench above the table to make effortless bit changes. This means an end to bruised knuckles while fumbling around between plunge posts with two collet wrenches. With the new plunge handle, its just as simple as pressing the button located in the middle of the handle, disables the rack and pinion mechanism, locks the handle and permits a conventional free plunge. For fine depth adjustment theres a micro winder, which is accessible throughout the full plunge range. The Triton Router can be plunged through its entire range on the micro adjuster alone. adjustments are instantaneous and precise; furthermore they stay that way. Fully enclosed front and rear safety shields with a very effective dust extraction port. Fully enclosed automatic power switch lock-out during bit changes to prevent accidental starting. A new collet design for securing and changing bits, which can be done with ease from above the table. powerful 3.25-horsepower motor with soft start function. Electronic variable speed (8,000 to 20,000 rpm) with speed maintenance under load.

* New plunge handle makes it even easier to engage the plunge pinion mechanism
* Fully enclosed front and rear safety shields with a very effective dust extraction port
* Fully enclosed automatic power switch lock-out during bit changes prevents accidental starting
* Includes 1/4-inch & 1/2-inch collet & Edge Guide
* Powerful 3.25-horsepower motor with features soft start function
* Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 13 x 10.5 x 11.5 inches 19.6lb

Triton Routers Presented by Woodcraft - YouTube - Triton TRC001 3.25HP Router Review
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Some jackleg on EBay loves his so much he's ask'in $888.88! But shippin' included with his.:lol: I don't want but $225.
Triton TRA001/TRC001 3-1/4-Horsepower Precision Router on eBay!

I live in Spartanburg, SC and travel to Asheville, NC about once a month (VA Hospital). I can bring it to you anywhere along I-26 and I-40 near Asheville, NC
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