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Well I did it, finally got a triton router(3 1/4hp). This thing IS huge. Couldn’t imagine using it handheld.
Wish me luck
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It is way too heavy for me to manhandle freehand. But what a great table machine. Enjoy it.
Built mainly for the router table.
George Lewin who invented the "Triton WorkCentre" wanted a better router for his "Triton router table". His team also designed a better "Triton Circular saw" for the "Triton WorkCentre".
Yes, it is a beast, but I have used it hand held with a larger base plate and ‘skis’ for bowl routing…
The Triton TRA001 has been nicknamed "THE router for router tables" but it is too heavy for the current British designed "Triton TWX7 Workcentre" that uses a very thin metal plate to suspend it.
Originally the TRA001 base plate did not even allow any Guide Bushes to be mounted because it was designed for the table and not for freehand use.
After many users wanted it to be use dual-mode, the base was later modified to be able to take guide bushes,
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