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I've looked everywhere my search engine took me for flush trim or pattern cutting router bits and I can't seem to find the size I need. :(

Top bearing, 1/4 " Dia. 3/4" long flush trim 1/4" or 1/2" shank preferably carbide tipped or solid carbide.

The corners on the template for most guitar pickups are narrow and I have to keep sanding the corners out by hand. It's an inacurate pain for instruments priced upwards of $2500.

I know the big builders use CNC machines but I don't have the room in my shop or the money to invest in that type of operation.

Thanks for the help, Steve
Hi Steve - Someone else was looking for such a bit some months ago. I think they found one, StewMac(sp?) maybe? I think it was 1/8 shank though. Problem is if you have a shank mounted bearing that needs the same ID as the cutting diameter, you haven't got much left for and OD, zero to be exact. I don't know anything about routing guitar bodies but maybe a different template?
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