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About 6 months ago I got a Delta contractor saw. It worked great and have had no problems with it. Until now. I was kind enough to let a very good friend use it. Most of my friends know well enough that most of my hand tools and smaller equipment can be borrowed until I have to go get it myself or it is returned in not so good condition. Then that is it. One strike and your out (I know it's a little harsh, but got severly burned in the past).

I let my buddy use it in my garage this past weekend while I was away. He is a good enough friend to have a key to the garage and is more than trustworthy and has never let me down before. I went out to make some dust tonight for a small box for the lady. It appeared to me that my cuts were just a little off compared to normal. After checking every angle with the prehistoric angle, etc that I have, I have come to the conclusion that my glasses were on straight and that the saw is cutting off kilter. I changed the blade and still there.

What suggestions, tools, help can you members of the forum offer me?
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